Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Inside the Temple

Like a grueling training sequence, it seemed impossible at first, proved to be more painful than imagined, but was rewarding in the end. Not only did the film have to inventoried, but it had to be done ONE REEL AT A TIME. This was the downside to the film not being stored in cans or boxes. The upside to this however, is that it seems to have staved off vinegar syndrome, as not a single reel has gone bad. I've also noticed before that Hong Kong films seem to hold their color better than American films. Almost every frame I looked at still held bright colors. Also, the film has all been stored under the stage, meaning standing up straight was an impossibility for the day. 9 hours later though, it is finished. Photos below:

The old kung fu theater. Opened in 1971, closed in 1985. Located at the intersection of Chinatown and Junkieville. The alley in the back is littered with used needles, and even has a junkie with a baseball bat (Just like in the Grandmaster Flash song)


  1. Anybody that can get me in touch with this guy..Please do!

    I'd like to interview him for my radio show.

    Paul Mcvay
    Drive-In of the Damned Radio


    The guy running this blog--email me here--and I will give you my personal email address.

  2. Oh my fucking god!!!! Save those reels, you guys are doing a mother teresa kind of a job!!!! I will be there every step of the way whenever you release those films to the public, FREAKING AWESOME!!!

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  4. Please tell us more! How was this amazong discovery made? I would love to hear the back story, why the prints were abandond, how they were discovered, and what has become of them. Any lost gems?

    Whatever happened, congratulations!

  5. Amazing! Yea,I'd like to know what titles you found...What a discovery!!!